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Bill Moyerism and Public BS
This is Bill Moyerism and Public BS. Welcome.
Tonight we will be interviewing Mr. Gorey an author of a book called 'Capitalism Feeds and Kills'. Welcome Mr. Gorey to Public BS.
Gorey: Thank you Mr. Moyerism, it's wonderful to be on Public BS.
Moyerism: Is it true according to your research that capitalism is responsible for killing many by exploiting people with all kinds of foods with high caloric content?
Gorey: Very true Bill Moyerism. My research shows that capitalism is responsible for the number of feeding stations selling foods with high caloric content. They often disguise the meals by calling them names like, 'all you can eat', 'large', and 'super size'.
Moyerism: And there is nothing super about it...
Gorey: That's right. Feeding large quantity in a meal, often filling a serving plate or allowing the exploited customers to get all they want at a salad bar causes people to eat more calories than one needs to sustain life and it also causes a consumption rate that wrecks havoc on the earth and the environment.
Moyerism: Is that right! Wrecks havoc on the earth and environment? That's even more profound than we first thought! 
Gorey: It is Bill. I mean, at the rate the feeding stations use resources from vegetation used for salads to meat used for super size burgers and steaks all pushed on the exploited public, the environment will be damaged beyond repair and the earths orbit can even be tilted by the obese public.
Moyerism: Ah, ah, is there anything that can be done? Is it too late? I mean we aren't going to go back to a time people foraged the countryside to find fruits and berries. Those wonderful healthy days are over for good.
Gorey: Yes, those wonderful days of carefree, running naked in the woods looking for food are gone forever. People consumed much less calories then and the environment was protected. Even human waste was natural then. 
Moyerism: Do you have a solution to this problem?
Gorey: One thing that can be done right away is to do all we can to make it difficult for people to go to these feeding stations. As you know, most are located road side where it's easy for people to drive in. The capitalists are so sneaky they even set up parking lots with lines drawn where people should park their cars. The lines in the parking lots are configured to maximize profits by allowing more cars to park than if people parked randomly or when they first entered the lot.
Moyerism: Wouldn't a solution be to stop or at least reduce the numbers of cars on the road so less people will be exploited by the feeding stations? Like big burger, and big fried chicken?
Gorey: You have it! While driving in a car with little to do but see signs advertising the feeding stations, you are a captive audience for the capitalist exploiters. Also, we need to raise taxes on how much people eat. A taxing scale can be required to tax people on their way out of feeding stations by measuring how much they consumed. 
Moyerism: Well, thank you very much, we will be hearing much more about this on future Public BS shows.
This is Bill Moyerism on your local Public BS station.
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